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Dimension uprint 3d Printer

Dimension uPrint Personal 3D Printers

Building 3D models at your desk is now
as easy as clicking the print button.

Starting At $14,900 USD

At last — affordable, no-hassle 3D printing right at your desk. uPrint and uPrint Plus Personal 3D Printers print durable ABSplus™ models for visualization, collaboration, functional testing and planning.

uPrint: A better way to work for designers and engineers.

Yesterday, you captured your brainstorm in 3D CAD. This morning, it’s a functional 3D model you can hold in your hands, show to your team and test in the field. Only uPrint and uPrint Plus Printers make 3D printing so affordable, trouble-free and personal. Through every design iteration, uPrint Printers bring your ideas into the real world as durable 3D models ready for collaboration and testing.
With a footprint of just 635 x 660 mm (25 x 26 in), both uPrint and uPrint Plus Printers put 3D printing right on your desk. No waiting for a shared printer, no waiting for models from an outside service bureau.

Discuss and test your ideas with durable ABSplus models.

What’s more powerful: Showing a flat drawing, or a 3D model that everyone can examine from every angle? uPrint Printers build accurate 3D models in ABSplus plastic. They’re ideal for determining form, fit and function in everything from ergonomics to manufacturing processes.

uPrint ABSplus models are used in dozens of ways such as proof-of-concept, functional testing, product mockups and architectural models.

These aren’t fragile lab beauties, either; ABSplus is stronger than other materials typically used to make 3D models. When it’s time to test your concepts, ABSplus models stand up to functional testing under real-world conditions.

uPrint: A better way to work for designers and engineers.

Conquer deadline pressures and speed your projects to conclusion with help from a uPrint Printer. It turns 3D CAD files into models faster than outsourcing or an RP center. uPrint Printers help you easily integrate 3D printing into your workflow.

uPrint 3
If you use CAD tools, uPrint Printers are for you. Every uPrint 3D Printing System includes Catalyst®EX software which automatically prepares your CAD files for 3D printing.

Whatever your profession – designer, engineer, architect or teacher – there’s room on your desk and in your budget for a uPrint or uPrint Plus Personal 3D Printer.

Get full details about uPrint Printers at www.DimensionPrinting.com/uPrint

uPrint 3d Printer

With uPrint Printers, making models is as easy as 1-2-3.

1 – Prepare the file. Create your 3D model in CAD software, then click “print.” CatalystEX software converts your CAD system’s STL output into 3D model printing instructions, including support structures, that guide the uPrint Printer extrusion head.

2 – Print your model. uPrint Printers use patented Stratasys FDM® (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology to build your 3D model and its support material, layer by layer, from the bottom up on a removable modeling base.

3 – Remove supports. Take your printed model out of the uPrint Printer build chamber, pop it off the modeling base and dissolve away the soluble support material. Then,
your model is ready to use, or ready for any post-processing you want: drilling, tapping, machining, sanding, painting, even chrome plating.

A basic uPrint or uPrint Plus 3D Printing System includes everything you need to start making 3D models in durable ABSplus plastic.

For a price less than you’d expect, you get a uPrint or uPrint Plus Personal 3D Printer with one material bay, CatalystEX software, modeling bases, ABSplus model material, soluble support material and a start-up kit with cables, parts and tools. Just unpack, set up, install software, load materials and start making 3D models.

Enhance your uPrint 3D Printing System with these accessories.

uprintA second material bay gives you twice the uninterrupted print capacity plus the flexibility of reloading materials during printing. A support removal system makes soluble support removal a handsfree operation at the right solution temperature and agitation.

Enhance your uPrint 3D Printing System with these accessories.

The uPrint Plus Personal 3D Printer gives you all the advantages of the original uPrint Printer, plus enhanced specs to meet the needs of larger design and engineering projects. The uPrint Plus Printer features a 33% bigger build envelope (while retaining the same desktop footprint), two layer resolutions and a choice of nine material colors.

Product Specifications

Model material:
uPrint: ABSplus in ivory

Build size:
uPrint: 203 x 152 x 152 mm (8 x 6 x 6 in)

Layer thickness:
uPrint: .254 mm (.010 in)

Workstation compatibility:
Windows® XP / Windows Vista® / Windows® 7

Network connectivity:
Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 base T

Size and weight:
(uPrint/uPrint Plus Printer and one material bay)
635(w) x 660(d) x 787(h) mm (25 x 26 x 31 in)
76 kg (168 lbs)
(uPrint/uPrint Plus Printer and two material bays)
635(w) x 660(d) x 940(h) mm (25 x 26 x 37 in)
94 kg (206 lbs)

Power requirements:
100–127 VAC 50/60 Hz, minimum 15A
dedicated circuit, or
220–240 VAC 50/60 Hz, minimum 7A
dedicated circuit

Regulatory compliance:

Special facility requirements: